SUM37 Blossom Garden Moisturizing Eye Cream 20ml

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Brand: SUM37
Product Code: [SALE] SUM37 Blossom Garden Moisturizing Eye Cream 20ml
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● Products DescriptionSUM37 Blossom Garden Moisturizing Eye Cream 20mlSu:m37º Blossom Garden, with the force of nature sincerely attained after a long time of waiting and ingredients gained from the lactic acid fermentation of Hibiscus, well-known forits benefits for women's health, is a natural fermented ingredients gained moisturizing product line that helps promote your skin moisturized and vital.Natural fermentation ingredients of this eye care cream, which has matured for a long time, resolves the three worries of eye rim skin by strengthening the skin firmness and vitalizing and firming the skin around your eyes. ● How to useAfter lotion, take a pearl-size amount onto fingertips and apply the cream to the skin around eyes as marking dots. Lightly pat to absorb.  
Brand SUM37
Capacity 20ml
Weight 120 g

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