THE SAEM Cell Renew Bio Eye Cream 30ml

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Brand: The Saem
Product Code: THE SAEM Cell Renew Bio Eye Cream 30ml
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● Products DescriptionThe dense formula comfortably protects the eyes from external stress and the thick moisture barrier targets the wrinkled eyes and effectively cares it.A million real plant cells(marine eryngium stem cells) concentrated with cell bio capsulation formula are revitalized and conveyed effectively to the skin with bio mimetic water.The eye care targeted by voluform and natural avocado peptide gifts superb elasticity and tends the skin tight.The synergy of survicode that helps ample communication among skin components and skid lipids strengthen the connection of the skin and gifts a strong skin barrier. ● How to useTake an appropriate amount and smoothly apply on the skin around the eyes to absorb.

Brand The Saem
Capacity 30ml
Weight 216 g

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