THE SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Eye Serum 30ml

Brand: The Saem
Product Code: THE SAEM Urban Eco Harakeke Eye Serum 30ml
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The Saem
Urban Eco Harakeke
Eye Serum

Used New zealand harakeke extract instead of
water Provide deep moisture to dry skin. 
Non sticky enriched eye serum.  
Soft care and protect sensitive eye area from
external environment.  
Orange extract with rich vitamin c provide eye
area rich vitality. 
White tea extract brighten eye area for healthy care. 
No antioxidants, paraben-free, non-artificial coloring,
no mineral oil, no animal ingredients, benzophenone-
free, no artificial flavor
Morning and night after essence, pump right
amount and apply onto eye are gently. 
Brand The Saem
Capacity 30ml
Weight 57g

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