The skin house Wrinkle eye cream Plus 30ml.

Brand: The skin House
Product Code: The skin house Wrinkle eye cream Plus 30ml.
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This is the best work of dermatology

Wrinkle Eye Cream PLUS+

Total care for your eyes! High graded eye cream.

* contains EGF and adenosine
* containing Eco-cert certificated ingredients (edelweiss, buddleja)
* helps to improve elasticity around the eyes
* keeps soft texture around the eyes

Intensive wrinkle improvement
Royal anti-aging essence that cares your eyes strong and elastickty.
It contains functional ingredients adenosine which brightens your skin.

Containing collagen ingredients
Collagen cares dry skin by giving nutrition and moist to your skin.

Brand The skin House
Capacity 30ml
Weight 47g

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