HERA Aquabolic Balancing Emulsion 120ml

Brand: HERA
Product Code: HERA Aquabolic Balancing Emulsion 120ml
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● Products Description
Balancing Emulsion for oily and combination skin. A refreshing cell-activating lotion smoothing the skin through sebum control. This Emulsion can be used on oily and combined skin comfortably as it keep the skin moisturized without sheen.
This refreshing nourishing lotion helps easily manage neglected balance of emollien and moisture. It tightens pores turned loose due to sebum and improves skin texture affected by the slack pores. Being non-co~nic, it can be used safely on the skin prone to skin problems.
● How to use
When used with the palm: 0.4ml (diameter 1.5cm/1-2 pumps) Every morning and evening, after using the water, dot on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Then, apply in small circular motions and let it absorb.
Brand HERA
Capacity 120ml
Weight 280g

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