It's Skin Acerola Whitening Emulsion 150ml

Brand: It's Skin
Product Code: It's Skin Acerola Whitening Emulsion 150ml
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[Product Features]

 ▶  It will last shining moment of topical skin deeply absorbed moisture up to
 a neat formula on the skin moisture tight, packed given more moist skin Promotes 
whitening line to high water.
 ▶   Brightly skin contains an active ingredient niacinamide, acerola extract, 
prune jumyeo Vitamin B, C, E derivative complexes maintain the skin moist and 
smooth skin as clean and immaculate as the girl moisturizes.
 ▶  Acerola. Harsh sunshine of the Caribbean fruit origin, of oranges, 65 
times, 34 times lemon contains a lot of vitamin C.


How to use
Apply an  adequate amount of product in the hand and gently massage

over the face and neck with light circular motions.

Brand It's Skin
Capacity 150ml
Weight 370g

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