NANEIGE Blue Energy Essence In Lotion EX 125ml

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Product Code: NANEIGE Blue Energy Essence In Lotion EX 125ml
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● Products Description

   -Anti-aging moisturizer that cares men’s 4 skin stresses to make skin clean and healthy   -75.8% of deep sea water that makes men’s skin clear.   -It gives concentrated care for the main skin stress factors of men, especially the lack of moisture,     lack of vitality, elasticity degradation, and wrinkles.   -Upgrading Youthful Force™ makes skin clean and healthy   -The deep sea water that adds vitality to the skin and the essence of the spirulina extract that has     maintained a strong vitality for a long time, give a healthy and clean skin for men.   -A moist, soft formula and citrus spicy fragrance give you a refreshing feeling every time you use the product. 

● How To Use

   -After cleansing in the morning and the evening, take a suitable amount on the palm and   apply it on the face and the neck by lightly tapping.

● Detail Link


Brand Laneige
Capacity 125ml
Weight 350 g

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