SKINFOOD Aloe Soothing Fluid 150ml

Brand: Skinfood
Product Code: SKINFOOD Aloe Soothing Fluid 150ml
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Aloe Soothing Fluid

Contains 92% of aloe vera extract providing cool

moisture soothing summer dry skin.
Clean application giving moisture for long hours.
When refrigerated properly,thermometer temperature

indicates blue to use it cooler.
Non-mineral oil, silicone oil-free, non-triethanolamine,

benzophenone-free, no artificial colors, no animal oils
Non-sulfate-based surfactants, imidazolidinyl urea-free,

talc-free, paraben-free

How to use
After face wash pump and apply gently onto

face and let it absorb

Brand Skinfood
Capacity 150ml
Weight 190g

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