SUM37 Blossom Garden Moisturizing Lotion 135ml

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Brand: SUM37
Product Code: [SALE] SUM37 Blossom Garden Moisturizing Lotion 135ml
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● Products DescriptionSUM37 Blossom Garden Moisturizing Lotion 135mlSu:m37º Blossom Garden, with the force of nature sincerely attained after a long time of waiting and ingredients gained from the lactic acid fermentation of Hibiscus, well-known forits benefits for women's health, is a natural fermented ingredients gained moisturizing product line that helps promote your skin moisturized and vital.The skin vitality and moisturizing lotion, that gently covers skin and optimizes the moisture balance of your skin. ● How to useAfter applying essence, dispense some amount of lotion and apply it on the skin evenly along the skin texture and gently tap it with fingers for the lotion to be permoated into skin.  
Brand SUM37
Capacity 135ml
Weight 299 g

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