THE SAEM Mervie Hydra Emulsion 130ml

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Brand: The Saem
Product Code: THE SAEM Mervie Hydra Emulsion 130ml
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● Products Description

   -It is a high-moisture elasticity emulsion that gives a comfortable moisturizing by restoring balance of skin     and providing rich moisture and nourishment.   -Contains chlorella extract clear skin tone and help maintain skin health and vitality.   -Provides a comfortable and deep moisturizing effect, creating light and fresh texture.   -Dead Sea salt special minerals and beta-carotene-containing pink plankton raises the skin's moisture energy     and healthy condition, restoring elasticity and radiance.   -It combines 5 low molecular weight hyaluronic acid of different size, and gives moisture layering effect     to create tight and firm skin with a moisture basis.

● How To Use

   -After using a Serum, take an appropriate amount and gently spread along the skin texture,    tap to absorb it.


● Detail Link

   -THE SAME Mervie Hydra Emulsion 130ml

Brand The Saem
Capacity 130ml
Weight 370 g

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