TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Coconut Milky Oil Lotion 300ml

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Brand: Too Cool for School
Product Code: TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Coconut Milky Oil Lotion 300ml
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● Products DescriptionBody lotion with a soft milky texture delivers rich nourishment of coconut deep into the skin.Intensive moisturizing effect of coconut and soft milk protein for soft moisturizing care.Coconut and vegetable extracts provide soothing for sensitive skin and giving rich moisturizing effect.Contains ceramides to help strengthen skin barrier, preventing moisture evaporation, helping to keep skin hydrated and soft.● How to useAfter showering or when the skin is dry apply and spread evenly all over skin massaging, then gently tap to absorb.

Brand Too Cool for School
Capacity 300ml
Weight 478 g

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