TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg-Ssential Fluid 200ml

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Brand: Too Cool for School
Product Code: TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg-Ssential Fluid 200ml
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● Products DescriptionContains Moisturizing components that were finely divided by microfiltration method, which increases absorption feature.Egg Protein Water nourishes your skin making it more firm and elastic.Egg butter extract provides intensive moisturizing and covers skin with moist film● How to use[Use as a moisturizing toner]After cleansing in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount and apply onto face along skin texture.[Use as all-in-one skin care]Apply 3-4 times (layer by layer) onto skin to improve skin condition.After skin is filled with moisture finish skin care with a cream.  
Brand Too Cool for School
Capacity 200ml
Weight 323 g

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