3W CLINIC Snail Mucus Peeling Gel 180ml

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Product Code: 3W CLINIC Snail Mucus Peeling Gel 180ml
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3W Clinic Snail Mucus Peeling Gel

A dead skin cell care product with a fresh sense of use that natural cellulose

removes the dead skin cell unnecessary for the skin cleanly without irritation

and cares the old dead skin cell layer and the waste of pore softly and keeps

the moist skin as well.

 How to use :

Please spread and paint the proper quantity in your whole face except your eyes

rims and the sides of your mouth after taking it our of the cosmetics container.

And please massage your face with your fingers. Please remove the wastes

by washing your face when the skin horn soft comes out of your face.

Capacity 180ml
Weight 299 g

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