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1.     It is your Second Skin. Super High density of the mask and skin contact (Never can be compared with other masks) Perfect solution in skin recovery. It is used for recovering the skin after Plastic Surgery. It gives a very excellent effect on skin regeneration.

2.     No need to go to beauty Spa, enjoy the result of Beauty Spa with this mask. 3 Steps from cleansing to mask and skin protections gives one go.

3.     World’s First GPS concept, it opens the skin channel with and allocates the moisture and cell protection to where the skin needs. “Just like Skin Navigation”

4.     Enjoy the professional cellulose mask, You will enjoy very much it is used by the professionals. Unlike normal cosmetics masks.

5.     It is perfectly safe products. 0% Paraben in GPS mask. 99.9 % of the competitor will have paraben in making Bio-Cellulose.

6.     Perfect thickness, it does not fall. You can study during this make, clean your house, maybe even you can dance

[How to Use and Effect]

1 Step : Skinshielder-Cleanser  (O2 Cleanser - > Skinshielder-Cleanser)

Apply on the surface evenly. Softly massage and cleanse and cleanse. Rinse off with warm water. Professional always think the best way to cleansing our skin. Because the cleansing step is the first and very important step for the customers. Cleanse / Moisturize / Protection is the key essential factor for aesthetic skin care.

Skin Function = Bio-Cellulose mask effect  Removing impurities (dirt, micro metal)  Removing dead skin  Providing moisture and nutrient Strengthening Skin Barrier = Skinshielder

2 Step : GPS Mask

Unforgettable effect – you want to touch your skin more and more!

Highlight of the treatment. Maximum treatment time depends on skin but Minimum 30 minutes, Maximum 2 hours+ (until the mask is completely dried).

GPS allows skin allocation of the active ingredients in the masks. Sophoridine extract, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil and herbal complex gives instant calming to any skin of skin yet not forget to provide the tremendous amount of moisture.

It is especially good for calming down the skin trouble and sensitive skin. GPS mask and the perfect formulation in the mask will guarantee 100% on the moisturizing and also very smooth texture.

This GPS mask has been manufactured with high technology. Skin is very complex texture. GPS mask provides the perfect contact between the mask and the skin.

It is TroiAreuke’s skin experience which made this possible.

3 Step : Cell Energy Cream

After the GPS mask, it will provide protection to the moisture and also the active ingredient to work inside the cell.

We have put enough cream for you to use until the neck and facial areas.

4th Generation GPS Mask

-  Highest density (50times of the Sheet mask)

-  Perfect contact with skin, for skin regeneration

-  Non allergic, safe production

-  Does not get ripped or cut during the treatment

-  Results guaranteed

-  Focused on Skin generation

Capacity 5EA
Weight 323 g

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