BERRISOM Animal Mask Series

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Mask Series

1. Tiger : Supply nutrition (Red Ginseng)

2. Panda : Vitality (Blackberry)

3. Raccoon : Anti-Wrinkles (Placenta + Adenosine)

4. Sheep : Whitening (Vitamin C + Arbutin)

5. CAT : Elasticity care (Collagen)

6. Dog : Mosturising (Hyaluronic acid)

7. Moneky : Nutrition + Elasticity care (Snail)

How to use

1. Make clam your skin with toner after washing face

2. Open the pack, and apply mask to your face

3. Detach mask after 15~20 min

4. Tapping face to make the rest is absorbed into your face

Brand Other Cosmetic
Capacity 25ml
Weight 46 g

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