CIRACLE From Jeju Citrus Sudachi whithening mask

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Jeju citrus sudachi whitening mask

No artificial coloring! Anti - oxidant mask contains red color from citrus sudachi as it is

Why is the mask so red not white? It's not chemically dyed,

buy yellow color or camellia serum naturally colors the mask sheet.

Carotenoid, a powerful anti-oxidant compound, from the yellow serum

will be diractly delivered to your skin.

How to use :

1. After wash, tear open the pouch and unfold the mask to fit on your face.

2.Align the holes with eyes, nose, and mouth.

3.Take a quality relaxing time.

4.Peel off the mask after 20-30 mintues.

5.Let the remaining serum absorbs completely into your skin.

Capacity 21g
Weight 44 g

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