CLAIGIO C-HOLIC Mask Pack 25g*5ea

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Product Code: CLAIGIO C-HOLIC Mask Pack 25g*5ea
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● Products DescriptionCLAIGIO C-HOLIC Mask Pack 25g*5eaChitosan essence contained in non-woven fabric is fully absorbed and turned into gel, which is a new concept mask pack that can whiten skin, improve wrinkles and peeling effect. ● How to useAfter cleansing, please use your skin lotion.After removing the separation clip of the essence pouch, push the essence in the direction of the arrow to the nonwoven fabric.Please rub for 2 ~ 3 minutes so that the essence is absorbed well on the sheet.Please open the pouch and attach the mask sheet to your face.Keep the pack until it is completely dry to form a protective layer of chitosan.Remove the sheet and wash with lukewarm water.  
Capacity 25g*5ea
Weight 287 g

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