HOLIKAHOLIKA Before Mask Sheet - Office attendance

Brand: HolikaHolika
Product Code: HOLIKAHOLIKA Before Mask Sheet - Office attendance
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HOLIKAHOLIKA Before Mask Sheet



- Deep Sleep
The therapy mask sheet that induces deep sleep before going to bed (relaxing).

- Interview
The mask sheet for energetic skin before an interview (revitalization).

- Office attendance
The emollient mask sheet for a swollen face before going to work (swelling relief)

- Date
The smooth texture mask sheet for the perfect makeup before a date (exfoliation).


How to use
1.Arrange skin texture with toner after wash.
2.Fit mask sheet to face.
3.After 5~10minutes, take off the mask and lightly pat liquid residue for absorption.

Brand HolikaHolika
Capacity 16ml
Weight 22g

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