VELVIZO Marine Spa Vital Mask Control Soothing 25ml 8pcs

Product Code: VELVIZO Marine Spa Vital Mask Control Soothing 25ml 8pcs
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Velvizo has been launched in 2008 at Shinsegae Department Store one of the biggest store in South Korea, pursues to minimize skin irritation in their own skin regimen using natural energy of the sea as premium cosmetics brand under the steady love of the Department celebrities.
Velvizo mainly uses “Fuccoidan” the mysterious ocean energy of nature as a unique type of coseceuticals. In Particular, the Transdermal technique we have adopted keeps skin irritation to a minimum while providing nutrients deep into the skin. Our products pursue both health and beauty.
Product description
1 Containing purified water and Aloevera leaf, With hazel,Chamomile extract quickly sooth irritated skin. Hypo-allergenic mask acts highly effective for soothing and rejuvenating skin and makes your skin healthy and lively
2 Main Effect : Skin Calming Effect, Superior Hydration
3 What it is formulated WITHOUT:
No Benzophenone, No Artificial flavors, No Mineral oil, No paraben
4 Main Ingredient
Aloevera leaf extract, cucumber extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
How to use
1 After washing your face,tone the skin with a lotion to balance pH level or your skin
2 Take out the mask sheet from the package and put it on your face
3 After 20~30 min of application, take off the mask and gently tab the face with your fingers to apply more essence to your skin
4 You can enhance hydration of your skin by finishing lotion and cream
Capacity 25ml
Weight 32g

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