Hatherine Pore clear Nose pack 8ea.

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Hatherine Nose Pore Pack

(Black) , (White) , (Teatree) 8pcs


-Deep cleansing for old sebum

-Paraben Free! no coloring or pigment!(100% ghassoul & charcoal color)

-Contains Ghassould clay. pine charcoal, Aloe, menthol, witch hazel


How to use

8sheets / box

- coat water on nose after washing face- remove transparent film of sheet after dry wet hand- paste smooth side of sheet from center to outside- wait until dry of sheet(10~-15 minutes)- be seperate slowly from outside to center- use once or twice a week. Don't use consequently at same place


Brand Other Cosmetic
Capacity 8pcs
Weight 40 g

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