MEDIHEAL PiggyMom SoakSoak Nose-Pack (20pcs / 1box)

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Product Code: [SALE] MEDIHEAL PiggyMom SoakSoak Nose-Pack (20pcs / 1box)
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● Products DescriptionMEDIHEAL PiggyMom SoakSoak Nose-Pack (3-Step/20pcs/1box)A chic & funny pore packHelps easily remove unwanted blackheads & clogged sebum in just three steps.

[Step 1 - Sebum softening & elimination]

: Sembum softening step which melt sebum and blackheads inside of pores

: Put a steam towel on your nose for more effective use

: Soft cotton sheet

[Step 2 - Blackhead Clearing]

: Clearing step which pluck sebum blocking pores

: Slowely take off the patch to prevent irritation

: Sebum clearing patch

[Step 3 - Tightening pores]

: Collagen pore tightening

: Keep in the fridge befor using.

: Bio-cellulose

Mediheal Piggy Mom Soak Soak Nose Pack - 20 Sheets
Capacity 20ea
Weight 597 g

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