MISSHA Super Aqua Mini Pore 3-STEP Nose Patch

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Brand: Missha
Product Code: MISSHA Super Aqua Mini Pore 3-STEP Nose Patch
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● Products DescriptionMISSHA Super Aqua Mini Pore 3-STEP Nose Patch1.5 size bigger than previous nose pack to wrap nose for clean and clear pore care.'sebum melt + sebum removal + hydration change & pore tightening' 3-step pore care.Fine carbon bubbles freshly cleanse pores, witch hazel extract absorb excessive sebum with elasticity effect. ● How to use1. After face wash place step one pack and remove after 15-20 minutes. Wipe out content and sebum. 2. Remove step 2 clear film and wet water onto nose and place on. Remove after 10-15 minutes when completely dry from the center gently.3. Wipe out nose and place step 3, remove after 5-10 minutes. Pat excessive essence using hands for absorption.  
Brand Missha
Capacity 3g(1step) + 1EA(2step) + 3g(3step)
Weight 25 g

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