[W.LAB] Black Kill Pore Cleaner

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Miraculous one minute!! 

Pore & dust cleanser that wipe away fine dust as well as blackhead, sebum and impurities piled inside pore

● Products Description

Strong sebum and Impurity removal effects

51% seawater contained, Ulleungdo Deep Sea Water is collected from deep ocean and thus contains ample mineral and helps discharge Impurity from pore.

Absorption of excessive sebum and blackhead

Charcoal Powder contained, Charcoal Powder cleanses skin by absorbing foreign substance and Impurity adhered to skin and also maintains clean skin so as to help control blackhead and sebum cleanly.

  • 6 patented pore-tightening ingredients

Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Flower Extract, Pueraria Lobata Root Extract, Pine Needle Extract, Cryptomeria Japonica Extract, and Lotus Leaf Complex Extract show outstanding effects of tightening pore and controlling sebum!

  • 5 kinds of phyto-marine complex 

5 kinds of seaweed, algae, caulerpa racemosa, green congertii, Undaria Pinnatifida, and Ecklonia Cava, are contained for controlling excessive sebum.

  • Strong cooling and soothing effect! Menthol contained 

It contains menthol, which is widely known for giving a cooling sensation, to cool down skin and tighten pore powerfully!

A silicone brush installed inside the container massages and cleanses each pore gently, conveniently, and evenly.

Pumping button can take out as much content as you want and it also prevents an overflow or a leakage.

● How to use

STEP 01. 

Pump out 5 to 6 times until the content comes out & Pump out an appropriate amount of content

STEP 02. 

Cleanse waste indie the pores

Cleanse pore with a massage around excessively oily part and wash away with warm water

 STEP 03. 

Clean brush.

Seperate and clean the silicone brush well after use. 

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Brand W.Lab
Capacity 20
Weight 85g

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