CHARMZONE New Control Cream 200g+50g

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[K] CHARMZONE New Control Cream 200g+50g● Products DescriptionA Purifying Complex to Help Deep Cleansing Charmzone's Purifying Complex removes skin-damaging elements and improves the skin's defense system while gently melting away inter-pore skin waste, turning your skin clean and healthy.Vitalizing and moisturizing components Vitamin P from tangerines adds vitality by improving crculation to a tired skin, as well as helping absorption of moisturizers.Elm bark extracts, Charmzone's patented intensive moisturizer, as well as Natural Moisturizing Factors, keep the skin hydrated and healthy by recharging moisture.● How to useUse morning and evening, apply evenly onto face, and then wait for 5 to 10minutes, and rinse once moisture forms.Good for full-body use during shower.* For Use on BodyApply New Control Cream evenly on wet body after shower.Lightly massage and rinse.Also good for heel and foot care.* For Use on HairDry hair after shampooing and evenly apply on aplit ends or dry hair, avoiding the scalp.Lightly massage and rinse clean.
Capacity 200g+50g
Weight 394 g

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