SULWHASOO Essential Balancing Special Set

Product Code: SULWHASOO Essential Balancing Special Set
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Essential Balancing Special Set

Capacity : 125ml + 125ml

Made in South Korea

Essential Balancing Water 125ml

A gel-textured toner for deep hydration

Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs,

this gel-textured water balances and delivers deep hydration.

Essential Balancing Emulsion 125ml

A moisture-rich emulsion for soft, smooth skin

Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs,

this moisture-rich emulsion promotes soft, smooth skin.

Essential Revitalizing Serum 8ml

Essential Balancing Water 15ml

Essential Balancing Emulsion 15ml

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream 5ml

Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream 3ml

Capacity 250ml
Weight 953g

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