ISA KNOX Active Recovery Intensive Softener 160ml

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Product Code: ISA KNOX Active Recovery Intensive Softener 160ml
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● Products DescriptionISA KNOX Active Recovery Intensive Softener 160mlSeed collagen™ added.*Seed Collagen™?-Isa Knox researchers have noted that the collagen in the skin that is the core of strong and moist skin vitality of the efficacy analysis, collagen seed (Seed Collagen ™).Seed Collagen ™ is inspired by the skin collagen peptides ingredient made from around the condensation seeds are formed when snowflakes and clouds.Seed is Isa Knox ™ collagen is a key component screen complex into a form that helps the skin to Tripeptide combines the three amino acid sequences to the core in the collagen contained in the active recovery.Smooth texture and nutrition Provides moisture, smoothness of the skin. The skin nutrition. ● How to useAfter cleansing, apply gently from the inside to the outside.  
Capacity 160ml
Weight 383 g

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