MAMONDE Rose Water Toner 250ml

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Brand: Mamonde
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● Products Description

Soothing moisture toner in sweeping type that contains rose water 90.89% instead of water (Grown in rose canyon in Bulgaria, a rose-growing district) Applies rose water extract method in low temperature and high pressure. Minimizes transformation by heat after extracting in high pressure similar to 10,000m inside the sea in low temperature. Rose in warm characteristic offers excellent moisture to dry skin by indoor heating. 4 Free(Animality, mineral oil, artificial color, 1/4 dioxin free)

● How to use

Tip 1) After cleansing, soak with a cotton pad and sweep. (Exfoliation and moisturizing)

Tip 2) Spray frequently as moisture mist.(Moisturizing) Tip 3) Soak with a sheet pack or gauze and apply as soothing pack. (Soothing and moisturizing) Leave for 10 minutes when dryness is severe. Tip 4) Pour in an empty bottle with facial oil in 7:3 ratio to use as oil mist. Tip 5) Soak rose water to a sponge that applies makeup base and apply makeup.

Brand Mamonde
Capacity 250ml
Weight 382 g

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