MEDIHEAL Pore Tox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask (10pcs)

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Product Code: [SALE] MEDIHEAL Pore Tox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask (10pcs)
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● Products DescriptionMEDIHEAL Pore Tox Soda Bubble Sheet Mask (10pcs)

Sparkle can feel self-bubble filling system. Pore clean. Peeling Massage. Brightening. Black Head. Self Bubble Peeling System.

Wash off bubble sheet auto pull off putting - even when rinsed and paste only the dead skin is removed and the skin is smooth rich white fine foam bubbles to clean up waste and microscopic keratin found hiding in the pores.

Fresh fine bubbles are formed on the mounting face will grant the self-massage was developed by applying the principles of the carbonated water to produce the bubbles on the skin surface of the mask.

Various waste and clean-up old keratin between bubbling pores helps manage the papaya fruit extract, green beans between the pores are worried extract apple extract, A rough that will help you prepare for the elasticity of the skin pores, such as persimmon leaf extract grain filling carbonated sheet wash off type.

Covering the mask sheet bubbles are coming up to help clean the pores and fine bubbles.



1.The close fit to even the nose and mouth of a dry face after cleansing. 2.Remove the sheet comes up 10 minutes enriched carbonated bubbles. 3.Massage gently into the skin and then the remaining residual bubble, will rinse clean with warm water.

Capacity 18ml*10pcs
Weight 330 g

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