SKINMISO Comedo Remover

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SKIN MISO Comedo Remover



1. Hygienic and safe case, it is possible to keep the Comedo Skinmiso pore removerhygienic and safe in the case provided.

2. Beautiful design the Comedo Skinmiso comedo remover/Blackhead Remover Tool is finished offwith an elegantly furnished pattern, so it makes a great gift.

3.High performance Comedo Skinmiso comedo remover / Blackhead remover tool is a ring type remover,so just press it to your skin and it easily removes even the deepest of pores.Experience the difference of the skinmiso Blackhead remover!

4.Excellent grip. Comedo Skinmiso comedo / blackhead remover tool has the best length (12cm)on the market, so everyone can use this product comfortably.Comedo Skinmiso pore remover provides you with the best grip feeling.

5. Stainless steel, Comedo Skinmiso comedo& blackhead remover is made from strong stainlesssteel so it doesn't break easily or bend.Comedo Skinmiso comedo& blackhead remover is very durable and if treated correctly,will last a very long time.

6. Diffemet sized rings, Comedo Skinmiso pore remover has different sized rings on each side,so it can be used for any size blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum.

Brand Other Cosmetic
Capacity -
Weight 72 g

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