CIRACLE Anti-Blemish Aqua Cream 50ml

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Instantly revives dull and stressed skin. The formula contains aloe vera and lemon oil.

two natural key ingredients used for treating skin trouble and enhancing moisture and glow

in the face. ciracle anti-blemish aqua cream keeps skin refreshed , moist, smooth and firm.

Properties of ciracle anti blemish aqua cream

Revitalises skin health and texture

Contains natural ingredients aloe vera and lemon oil

Helps to soothe acne and trouble spots, and promote skin recovery.

Can be used as a day time and night time moisturiser.


1. Gently cleanse your face.

2. Apply cream after toner or spot-care essence and gently pat all over your face until

cream is fully absorbed.

Capacity 50ml
Weight 227 g

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