Dr.Jart+ Ctrl-A Spot Cover

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Dr.Jart+ Ctrl-A Spot Cover


Porduct Characteristics

Anti Bacterial concealer covering up the flaws and calming the troubles together

 Concealer to use on troubled areas without worries for skin irritationAngelica Acutiloba root extract, Salicylic Acid, and other trouble cure ingredients act onthe troubled spots.Protects the skin by forming a protective layer on troubled areas.

 Light Application, skin to breath freelyLightweight concealers delivers skin comforts.Excellent natural cover from the reddish troubled areas, and other troubles.

 Maintains the Make Up from the Moming conditionSebum controlling powder prevents oily complexion from sebum or sweats.Allows for makeup to last long.

 Anytime, anywhereAble to carry to use whenever for correcting makeup fast and easy.Brush type concealer does not have irritation on the skin even on frequent

How to use1. Press the button on the bottom to use.2. After BB, apply over blemishes, pimples and troubled areas

Brand Dr.Jart
Capacity 2g
Weight 48 g

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