Mediheal ARP Smoothing Neck Patch 1box(4pcs)

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Product Code: [SALE] Mediheal ARP Smoothing Neck Patch 1box(4pcs)
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● Products DescriptionMediheal ARP Smoothing Neck Patch 1box(4pcs)

'Lys'lastine V', bFGF, IGF-1 and TGF (SH-polypeptide-1,SH-oligopeptide-2, RH-polypeptide - 19) effectively supplies their nutrition and moisture as well as carefully manage your neck line. The patented patch keeps a smooth neck line by supplyingintensive moisture and nutrition. 

[How to use]

1. Open the product and remove the film from the patch.2. Put the patch on the neck so that it shouldn't be come off.3. Take a rest for more than 1 hour and remove if from your skin.* It can be used as a sleep pack, as the active ingredients slowly penetrate though the skin.* Use it for 1 hour, 1~2 times per week, which keeps your forehead smooth.* As insoluble hydro gel contains its active ingredients for 72 hours,it can be used again 1~2 times more after its first use.Its non-sticky adhesion allows you to use it again.When you want to use it again, put it onto the film and keep it refrigerated.


Capacity 1box
Weight 80 g

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